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Car Hire Egilsstadir

The freedom that you have to explore Egilsstadir is further enhanced with one of our vehicles. Check out the latest special offers for car hire in Egilsstadir.

The scenic and picturesque town of Egilsstadir is located in the eastern part of Iceland. Car Hire Egilsstadir gives you the opportunity to explore in the vehicle of your choice. From as little as £ 9.00 per day and with fully comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance in the unlikely event of a breakdown included. Car Hire Egilsstadir gives you the chance to enjoy your holiday and explore the region free from any vehicle worry.

Included in your low price are standard extras such as Liability Insurance, Vehicle Theft Waiver, Unlimited Mileage and Breakdown Cover.

Car Hire Egilsstadir Mini Guide

Situated on the River Lagerfjlot is the beautiful town of Egilsstadir. The town is relatively new as it was purposely built to act as a centre for the region.

With a vehicle from Car Hire Egilsstadir you are able to move around the entire scenic splendor of the town and region.
Karahjukar is a mountain area that is being converted into a hydro power project by damming the Jökulsá í Fljótsdal, source of the Lagarfjlot Lake, and the Jökulsá á Dal or Jökulsá á Brú. The area is of an area of outstanding natural beauty and the project has been a source of contention.

Cruise out to the lake in your vehicle from Car Hire Egisstadir and learn about the Lagerflotsormurinn which is a monster similar to the one at Loch Ness in Scotland.
There is a lovely waterfall called Hengifoss that falls over 100m which makes it one of the tallest in Iceland. There is another one that falls below called Litlanefoss. The biggest forest in Iceland is here and it is called Hallormsstaðarskógur.

There is a Viking style church in the East Iceland Heritage Museum (Minjasafn Austurlands). There are also a lot of handicrafts from the region that take the form of household items in an Icelandic traditional style. There is a lovely little café that serves good food.

A great place to eat in Egilsstadir is at the restaurant in the IcelandAir Hotel Herad which offers an extensive menu of local dishes.

Car Hire Egilsstadir Airport – EGS

Egilsstadir Airport is a civil operated airport that has Air Iceland as its airline. The airport has only one runway and no modern terminal. The road to and from the airport is easily reached by following the signs from the town. There is a small check in and a building where you can wait for your flight to leave. It is easy to park at the airport and you are ale to arrive a short time before you depart due to the slow air traffic in the region. Some charter flights also operate from the airport as well.

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